My first day at ElixirConf

I flew into Seattle yesterday, one day before ElixirConf kicked off. I spent the day hitting up my favorite spots for coffee and strolling around the city. It was a productive day writing code and scribbling down ideas in my notebook.

Today began with a keynote from Jose Valim, the creator of Elixir. I came away from the talk encouraged about the future of the language (not that I was concerned before). He spoke about what to expect in future releases and stressed the criteria that the core team puts on any newly proposed additions to the core language.

Although Elixir is a relatively new language, it is quite stable. Elm’s development trajectory is similar.

As I’ve matured as a developer, my appreciation for stability has grown. One of the reasons I’m so skeptical about investing in any particular JavaScript ecosystem is the sheer volume of churn. This is becoming a tired complaint about JavaScript, but valid nonetheless, in my humble opinion.

The talks and the hallway track today were equally strong. It’s always fun to meet folks face-to-face that you’ve interacted with online. I’m struck by how approachable everyone is, no matter their prominence in the community. Today I chatted with the creators of Phoenix and Distillery, and they were just as friendly and helpful in person as they appear online.

Before heading into the conference, I jotted down a few items about which I hope to gain greater clarity. To name a few: deployments, some nuanced testing practices, background processing (the Elixir way), and how to write good typespecs. I’m already making good headway on these points!


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